Our Company

Who We Are

Cricket Semiconductor is focused on the creation of an analog/power foundry in India. Our goal is to establish India’s first high-volume, globally competitive production wafer fab focused on analog and power technologies.


History and Capabilities

Cricket was formed as a collaboration between two highly respected suppliers to the analog/power sector.

KarMic Design, based in Bangalore, has been a pioneer in analog/power design services in India since its founding in 1999. With over 350 engineers, KarMic has designed many products addressing the automotive, consumer, mobile and industrial markets for leading customers in India, the US, Japan and elsewhere. In addition, KarMic has provided support services such as design infrastructure, compilers, standard cell libraries and design verification.


Lou Hutter Consulting LLC has assisted clients since 2012 in areas of analog/power technology, business development, and organizational management, specializing in the transition of IDMs to foundries. Mr. Hutter is known worldwide as an analog technology expert, and was responsible for expanding a predominantly digital organization to become a leading analog foundry within three years.


KarMic’s strong analog/power design expertise and long-time India presence, combined with Lou Hutter Consulting’s world-renowned analog/power technology, foundry, and manufacturing expertise, have resulted in the formation of Cricket Semiconductor, an India-centric company with a rich legacy in analog/power, focused on creating the first analog/power wafer fab in India.