The Case for Analog in India

Top Indian Electronics Markets

A wafer fab needs a steady flow of material to maintain competitive costs, due to the high fixed costs associated with its building, equipment and people. To develop this sustainable product demand, an Indian wafer fab must be targeted at markets that drive strong domestic consumption, since the goal is to provide a source of local production for the semiconductor content needed in the domestic Indian electronics supply chain.

[Source: IESA, Frost & Sullivan Report “Indian ESDM Market – Analysis of Opportunity and Growth Plan”, 2014]

The Need for Analog in those Markets

Every electronic system contains a significant quantity of analog and power chips. Two of the markets with highest compound annual growth rates (CAGR) in India are Industrial and Automotive. In these sectors, analog (power management) is used everywhere, in almost every system. As a result there is a strong demand for analog products in India due to the existence of these well-defined growing indigenous markets now and into the future.