Why Cricket?

The time is right to build a wafer fab in India. The electronics market is growing, the political climate is supportive of expansion into manufacturing, and the mood of the country is enthusiastic. Others have talked about entering this arena—you may wonder what is so special about Cricket.


Cricket Semiconductor is uniquely qualified to establish the first analog wafer fab in India because of the experience and expertise of our founders, our singular focus, and our willingness to create partnerships across government, technology partners, and customers.

Longstanding Presence in India

KarMic Design Centre has been based in India serving the electronics market with analog and power design for more than 15 years, and its roots there can be traced back an additional 10 years. KarMic is proud to be a promoter of Cricket Semiconductor along with renowned analog and power semiconductor technology and foundry expert, Lou Hutter.

Unparalleled Analog Expertise

Analog/Power technology and wafer fab needs are completely different from digital ones. As a result, analog talent and leadership experience are crucial to the success of this endeavor. Cricket has assembled a team of analog experts who fully understand these differences.

Extensive Analog Network

Because of our deep-rooted position in the arena, our connections in the analog community are extensive. We have access to advisors, leadership talent, suppliers, customers, and technology partners, all within a short arm’s reach.


Cricket’s project differs fundamentally from typical wafer fab projects in several ways.

  1. Low Project Outlay—The project outlay, at around $1 billion, is less than 1/10th of a leading edge digital fab.
  2. Low Cost of Development—The cost of analog / power semiconductor product development is significantly less than digital semiconductor products.
  3. Entrepreneur-Friendly—The reduced project outlay and development cost lowers the investment entry barrier for Indian entrepreneurs to bring innovative products to the market, stimulating the ESDM ecosystem and leading to the creation of many thousands of jobs.
  4. Targets Indian and Global Markets—Our emphasis will be on processes and technologies that align to Indian as well as global markets, such as industrial and automotive.
  5. Immediate Credibility—We offer the benefit of having immediate credibility in the analog and power marketplace due to association with proven experts in this field.
  6. Low-Cost, Reduced-Risk—We offer a relatively low-cost approach, with a reduced risk profile, to the creation of an Indian wafer fab and ecosystem.

​Cricket is excited to be a part of this enormous effort, which we see as an investment in a "sweet spot" in the semiconductor market and one most likely to be a winner in the long-term India electronics story.